Text game

There’s been a lot of post’s recently about text game. Roissy had a great post the other day on texting. My addition to this is to argue that you can have long “conversations” by texting throughout the day, if you are never predictable.

Texting is the main form of communication for people my age. No matter how much the John Waynes like to argue against texting, it IS how to talk to your harem. Throughout the day, girls who are into you will text you. Seeing what you are doing, how your day is, what you are into. This keeps you on their mind all day, and your mind on an alpha mindset all day. The keys to communicating like this are to vary response times, keep it light and playful, and some days ignore them completely. You can’t keep the hamster wheel spinning without letting it rest sometimes, and by keeping it level some days with a long chat, you can amp it into overdrive when you give her a heaping dose of ignore.

The majority of text game rules still apply with this long chat application. Let her text first. Build to seeing each other that night or in the future. Randomly throw in a something that isn’t vapid, a deep observation you had (or made up) during the day. Keep your texts shorter than hers. Say stupid things. And as always, don’t give a fuck about the outcome with her. Once you truly have this mindset, it will show itself through your texts.


Here’s to a weekend not on call. Drink good beer, see your boys, and let the chips fall where they may.

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Be more awesome everyday

Still clean.

Went out on a REAL DATE last night with the nurse*. Erbody in the “game O’ sphere” hates on dates. I enjoyed it thoroughly. Sushi,  sashimi, some fat tire, and some good conversation. Hard to beat that. Finished with a night cap at her place, after getting yelled at by the landlord for peeing on the bushes. I piss where I please, Ma’am.

Currently on tap for the weekend, jb on Friday, the waitress on Saturday, and beer with the boys throughout.

*of note I have slept with the nurse before. Maybe makes the date dynamics different.



If you aren’t going balls to the wall, then whats the point of breathing? You want girls? Make them 2nd (or 3rd, or 4th) priority. An afterthought. Whether it be sports, your boys, guitar, your job, even addiction, this is a huge piece of “game.”



Slowly getting back in shape. Weight is back down to low 190’s. Diet is IF with mostly protein during the week, and the occasional beer. Cutting back on lifting due to diet and increase in conditioning. Train to maintain.

Training today:
OH med ball tosses x10
Vertical jump throws- 5×3
Front Squats-135×3, 185×3, 205×3, 225×3, 245×5
Speed pulls-275+2 average bandsX2x6-
Hill sprints- 50yd hillx10-first day back sprinting after dislocating my ankle 8 months ago.

Baby steps. Small steps a day to improve yourself; look back in a year and see how far you’ve gone.

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Day 1

The first day of the rest of your life….

Heard it a million times. Sounds even gayer coming from me. But it’s fitting. At 23(4 soon) a recovering train-wreck of a man-child, I’m still coming to grips with where I am, and where I was supposed to be.


Drug free for a week. Small victories at this point, shrink says it’s good. We’ll see. Such a little pill to be causing so many problems, breaking relationships, scholarships, and the future I had gift wrapped.


You wouldn’t know it from looking at me. The shaggy hair, blue eyes, natural athleticism, and southern charm disarms everyone and I get what I want. Natural alpha I’ve been called. I guess it’s true. Depends on which cycle I’m in; which side you know. Rapid cycling bipolar the shrink says. I believe it. Can’t out run your DNA.


Racked up a triple digit lay count in 2 years since we split. Mania can do that.


So here I am. Sippin a SweetWater 420, watching the flooding, listening to J. Cole, writing to get my creative juices flowing. What will this blog be? Part confessional, part game, part pysch, part healthy lifestyle, part whatever. Leave comments as you will. Suggestions are welcome.

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